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GOUP Automation and iBooster - the mainstay of the new energy era

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Introduction:To save energy and reduce emissions, develop a low-carbon economy, and participate in the fourth round of reconstruction of the automobile industry pattern, China has promoted the development of the new energy automobile industry through relevant support policies since 2001.

To save energy and reduce emissions, develop a low-carbon economy, and participate in the fourth round of reconstruction of the automobile industry pattern, China has promoted the development of the new energy automobile industry through relevant support policies since 2001.


Today, as of the end of 2018, the global sales of new energy vehicles exceeded 5.5 million units, of which China accounted for more than 53%. The streets of Hangzhou are also full of new energy vehicles. The new energy vehicle supporting the motor industry is welcoming the development of golden period.


In the new era of new energy transformation, GOUP Automation actively absorbs domestic and foreign advanced technology, applies to the manufacture of new energy auto parts, and has in-depth R&D in the field of new energy motor electronic control, which has completed motor, motor controller, battery/battery module, the full range of New Vehicle’s core components. Following  the pace of global automotive development.

In 2018, Bosch launched a new generation of brake booster products through in-depth R&D: the iBooster, which subverted the brake revolution of the automotive industry and promoted the further development of the new energy automobile industry.


Before the iBooster by Bosch, to reduce the driver's physical energy consumption, the petrol passenger car uses a vacuum-assisted hydraulic brake (brake) system.

The vacuum in the intake pipe of the gasoline engine is used to assist the driver to brake, and the electric car uses the electric vacuum pump to generate the vacuum. The iBooster eliminates the design of the vacuum pump compared to conventional brakes. Instead, various types of sensors and controllers take the new energy vehicle out of the vacuum pump.

The principle of iBooster braking technology is to use the internal sensor to sense the strength and speed of the driver's stepping on the brake pedal, responding to the braking action of the driver, and transforming the driver's braking action into a signal through the controller. The motor control unit is transmitted to the brake pump, and the control unit calculates the torque requirement that the motor should generate, and then the second gear unit device converts the torque into the servo brake force of the booster valve body, and finally drives the amplifying mechanism to finally push The brake pump starts working and brakes are achieved.

ibooster english.jpg

Working principle:

1.       The input rod 6 produces a displacement;

2.       Pedal the pedal stroke sensor 2 detects the displacement of the input rod 6;

3.       Send the displacement signal to the controller 5;

4.       The controller 5 calculates the torque that the motor should produce;

5.       The torque is converted into a servo braking force by the transmission;

6.       Servo braking force, input force from the pedal of the input rod 6;

7.       Co-converted into brake fluid pressure in the brake master cylinder 4.

The vacuum-free iBooster does not rely on a vacuum source. It replaces the traditional vacuum pump and vacuum hose. It is smaller in size and the entire brake system is lighter. It does not need to consume energy to build a vacuum source. It only consumes electricity during braking. The purpose of energy-saving and emission reduction. At the same time, iBooster's modular design significantly reduces the variety and quantity of parts. iBooster is highly compatible and suitable for a wide range of models. Customers can use the same product iBooster for the entire platform development, reducing engineering development costs. Bosch claims that under the same vehicle conditions, iBooster outperforms conventional brake systems regardless of braking distance or response speed. From these aspects alone, iBooster's development prospects are very exciting.


Nowadays, as the pioneer of the domestic intelligent manufacturing industry, high-quality automation naturally participates in the new energy. It has already cooperated with many well-known companies on the iBooster project. The iBooster electronic booster assembly and inspection technology provided by the high-quality independent research and development adopts:

1.       Riveting, airtight test, push rod tensile test, grease application, pull-off force test, etc.

2.       Quality traceability through the production line intelligent management system (G-LMS system)

3.       Equipped with hardware equipment such as Bosch Rexroth conveyor line and German control system

4.       Apply MES system to build a digital smart factory

Advanced technology, providing the best solution and technology for iBooster electronic booster assembly and inspection.

In the future, GOUP Automation will continue to keep up with the trend of the times, keep up with the development trend of the automotive industry, continue to deepen research and upgrade technology in the assembly of new energy auto parts such as iBooster, and strive to become an important “booster” for the development of the global automotive industry.

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