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210% growth in performance! Driving factors behind the growth of Hangzhou Go&Up automation

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Introduction:The wave of intelligent manufacturing swept through 2017, triggering far-reaching industrial changes and forming new modes of production, industry patterns, business models and economic growth. Chinas manufacturing industry is steadily innovating, restructuring and upgrading.

The wave of intelligent manufacturing swept through 2017, triggering far-reaching industrial changes and forming new modes of production, industry patterns, business models and economic growth. China's manufacturing industry is steadily innovating, restructuring and upgrading.

" 12th Five-Year smart manufacturing equipment industry development plan" shows that in recent years, China's intelligent manufacturing equipment industry growth rate will reach 25% annually. With the release of manufacturing automation and intelligent equipment, smart manufacturing companies have the potential to grow rapidly.

Go&Up automation, Hangzhou intelligent manufacturing representative enterprises. Achieve a 210% performance increase in 2017 , which is eight times the industry average annual growth rate and occupy the industry-leading market position.

What are the driving factors behind the high growth of Go&Up?

Gather talents , build a R&D elite

High-level talents are "intellectual engine" to help Go&Up catching up with the development.

Go&Up Located in Haichuang Industrial Park, gathering professionals in intelligent manufacturing field and builds an international scientific research team with German experts. With more than 10 years of R & D experience in the automation industry, researchers occupied more than 65% of the total staff.

Suzhou Gaoteng Branch Located in Suzhou Industrial Park, the center of Suzhou's manufacturing industry. With prominent technical talents, Gaoteng introduce research and development teams from international auto parts manufacturers and well-known automation technology companies, has the forefront innovation strength in Intelligent manufacturing industry .

Technology R&D innovation, adhere to ingenuity quality

Under the premise of talent strategy, Go&Up lead the industry with independent innovation.

Go&Up has been committed to developing and mastering the core technology, now has 76 patents and software products, was the national high-tech enterprises and double-soft company.

In terms of R & D, Go&Up also owns an independent R&D laboratory and collaborates with Zhejiang University in big data research projects, sharing top-level laboratory resources.

In 2017, Go&Up positioned itself as a global Intelligent manufacturing solution integrator. Practice global business management standards, Go&Up actively improve the management system. Lean on supply chain management, technical process management, quality management, project management and other processes, Go&Up adhere to provide assembly testing solutions for clients.

Focus on service, national strategy layout

"High-quality service is the key to long-term sustainable development," Zhang Zhigang, the general manager has said so.

With the "Always Nearby" service strategy, Go&Up based on the Yangtze River Delta auto parts market, expanding the market area to the whole country. The five major company platforms to achieve national market coverage, providing fast-response, high-quality services.

Based on the international development strategy of new era, Go&Up established Suzhou Gaoteng Branch, facing the high-end foreign customers, developing the top 100 foreign-funded auto parts market and deepening the national strategic layout.

Under the guidance of high-end talents, the convergence of various innovative elements such as technology, market service and project management, Go&Up achieves to the 210% growth in performance.

Intelligent manufacturing era, equipment manufactories stand in the outlet, are about to set sail. Next, Go&Up will continue to tackle difficult problems by relying on the advantages of talents, technology and services. Continuously improve the international competitiveness of China manufacturing.

Article: from Go&Up automation, Auto parts Manufacturing Division website. Please indicate the source when reprinting.

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