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Go&Up attends Turbocharger forum, proposed digital factory solutions

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Introduction:June 16, 2017, Car Turbocharger Assembly 2nd Automotive Turbocharger Assembly Engineering Conference was successfully completed at Le Meridien Chongqing Hotel.

June 16, 2017, Car Turbocharger Assembly 2nd Automotive Turbocharger Assembly Engineering Conference was successfully completed at Le Meridien Chongqing Hotel.

This conference focused on new technologies, new concepts and new development direction of turbocharger assembly and test engineering, gathering first-class manufacturers to share successful cases, and set up the exchange platform with core supercharger manufacturers and engineering technicians to discuss industry solutions.

Forum attracts turbocharger manufacturers such as Bosch Mahler, Kangyue Technology, Engine manufacturers such as Changan Ford, Dongfeng Cummins and  Well-known suppliers such as Ruhlamat, Kistler. A total of 120 + engineering and technical personnel to participate.

Following the successful participation in the first forum, Go&Up clear that the stability of the device is the most important features, focused on the digital development process and technical requirements of turbocharger assembly.

Shen Jiandong, Software Design Manager, delivered a keynote speech titled "Turbocharger Digital Factory Solutions", introducing our development philosophy and achievements in the field of digital turbocharger assembly .Also, discuss turbocharger industry solutions with first class manufacturers.

As an innovative leader in Turbocharger assembly and test line technology, Go&Up has produced a total of 36 flexible turbocharger assembly lines. Clients including BorgWarner, Honeywell , Great Wall, nd other domestic and foreign enterprises. At the same time, We has 136 assembly error-proofs in turbocharger assembly field .Error-proof technology covering visual inspection, leak testing, color detection, optical detection, displacement monitoring, torque control and so on. Among them, cold test machine (EOL test equipment) is the pioneer of the domestic product market, successfully breaking the monopoly of foreign technology. Go&Up constantly looking for development direction of turbocharger assembly when committing to ensuring the quality of turbocharger assembly line.

Shen Jiandong thinks that,turbocharger digital factory building is a systematic project, it needs scientific and effective assession, planning and implementation.Go&Up is actively promoting the construction of digital factories: the MES system plans the core database, soft information flow and hard information flow on the premise of evaluating the lean production status. MES module includes user management, production management, process management, equipment management, quality analysis, remote maintenance, material management, logistics control.

In terms of data and information processing, Shen Jiandong also pointed out that the MES network architecture is highly efficient and scientific, that the data and information of the production lines in different workshops are hierarchically connected with the central server so as to ensure the independence, relevance, real-time of data and information.

Go&Up participate in the turbocharger forum, hope to share the technology to become turbocharger industry's long-term partners. Go&Up will also continue to develop and improve turbocharger assembly and testing technology, look forward to provide more customers with high standards turbocharger assembly and testing equipment!

Article: from Go&Up automation, Auto parts Manufacturing Division website. Please indicate the source when reprinting.

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