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Boasting over 10 years of R&D achievements and focusing on auto parts and new energy vehicle industries, Go&Up Automation has become the best turnkey project supplier in the field of intelligent manufacturing.

Go&Up Automation is engaged in areas of intelligent equipment, testing technology, MES system, warehousing and logistics, resistance spot welding, etc. So far, Go&Up Automation has provided over 245 intelligent manufacturing cases for well known clients from various industries including auto parts, new energy vehicle, agricultural/ engineering machinery and elevator by virtue of its mature and stable functional modules, rich development and integration experience and industry-leading overall strength.

Relying on its nationwide distribution of excellent products and services, 5 major companies in Hanghou, Suzhou, Chongqing, Wuhan and Xi’an as well as over 300 professional staff, Go&Up Automation undertakes to quickly and professionally address the needs of clients during the whole process from pre-project consultation to final equipment delivery.

Core management

ZHANG Zhigang

President and founder of Go&Up

Establishing the existence value of Go&Up brand in the field of intelligent manufacturing

Following the development of Industry 4.0 and “Made in China 2025” and aiming to become the global supplier of intelligent manufacturing system, Go&Up vigorously reforms its business composition, improves team cohesion and endeavors to establish Go&Up brand value in the field of intelligent manufacturing.

In order to implement the development idea of “intelligent manufacturing, Go&Up solution”, Go&Up spares no efforts to hone technical ability, marketing ability and project management ability, presenting clients stronger overall strength.

   Developing talent highland in the field of intelligent assembly and detection and building pioneering teams

Sophisticated R&D team and excellent project management team are fundamental to high-level overall strength of Go&Up Automation.

The two major companies in Hangzhou and Suzhou gather technical experts of intelligent manufacturing to build a R&D team led by industry leaders.

150+ members of the technical team are all senior talents in the industry

For the purpose of further enhancing the international competitiveness of its products, Go&Up Automation has introduced elite teams of global well known auto parts suppliers and employed Gerhard Kuhr, a German expert with 30 years of experience in intelligent manufacturing, as its chief technology officer (CTO).

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